Project IN DevelopmenT

We currently have a broadly diversified and competitive portfolio of solar energy projects under development, providing value to our Clients from the early stages of development and relying on our extensive network and engineering experience of local collaborators and partners in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.


Photon Power has participated as the main development actor from the beginning until reaching the RTB phase, obtaining all the permits for its construction. It has also provided technical assistance during the construction and commissioning phase of the projects.



Photon Power 0: Parma 6 MW DC
Photon Power 01: Emilia Romagna: 10 MW DC



Photon Power 1: 25 MW DC Guarda
Photon Power 2: 25 MW DC Fundao



Fusion: 10 MW DC Socuellamos
Fusion 01: 10 MW DC Catalunya
Fusion 02: 20 MW DC Sevilla



Dragos Rooftop: 300 KW DC